Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I think the paschion for faschion has gotten a little out of hand.
I know what you are thinking, how can you not know about
how did you just discover this?
Well, because frankly i try to avoid taking in this kind of narcissistic bullshit.

For all you other behind the times folk who dont know what this is, it is a site in which the "elite" of style are awarded a password and in gaining this password are allowed to post photographs of themselves dressed in whatever they assume as stylish.

Im sorry but am I wrong if I assume that "cool" is not knowing that you are but not giving a fuck either way?
And that style is about being humble and gracious? 
Rather than in your face and trite?
A complete knock off of shit you see in the fashion magazines? 
I honestly have grave concerns for originality.

As i perused through the thousands of images from around the world, I became more and more enthralled at how self indulgent the site was.
Pretentious and aloof, the site inspired intrigue and amusement at the sheer elitist air that one website was able to produce.
Like some sort of smog in LA, the site clogged my lungs like the morning cigarette and made my eyes bleary from the repeated stance of the subjects.
EXAMPLE: "robot with the shits" facial expression coupled with a slouched stance, usually with one leg resting against the shin of another, and body morphed into an S shape.

I understand what this makes me sound like, it makes me sound like I shop at Vinnies (not in a cool way) and dont find it fun to take/ or rope in a less schtylish friend to take my photograph. And this is all true.

I dont find these sites AMACHZING.
I find them hilarious.
and kind of sad.

Why you may ask?
They are only living their lives, quit ragging on them why dont ya?

Well, I just find myself gagging constantly over the gluttonous  indulgence of Facebook and shites like Lookbook. I feel like I know too much about people.

Like I am being dumped over and over again in an information wave filled with HTML and binary code. I feel like Im in a bukkake with clones and clones of Bill Gates. I am getting all of your personal shit in my face and I cant do anything about it but take it to the gob and pretend to be happy about it.

I know I am a contradiction.
Because after all this is said, I still go on Facebook, I still blog, Ill still go for a surf on the world wide web.
But it doesnt mean I cant feel the way I do: slightly confused at my social networking needs, and in need of a three hour cold shower to cleanse myself of everyone's personal lives that are splashed in my face like lukewarm water.

Hand me a towel.

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