Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was on Twitter the other day and I came across another tumblr that professes their love for the male species.

It made me re think my previous judgements about men and made me realise that every single boy is precious in his own little way. Every man has something attractive about them. I wonder what they call the opposite of a womaniser? a maniniser?
If that is the correct term, I believe I am a maniniser and so are many of my friends.

And now...
a compilation of some of the men from boy howdy and from my own little vault.

JFK Jr. 
Vince Neil.
Dylan & Brandon.

Bill & Ted

John Corbett

Devendra Banhart (playing at this year's Splendour in the Grass)

Public Enemy.

Jamie Bell

Ryan Gosling 
Sammy Davis Jr.

Jason Schwartzman.

Robert Downey Jr & David Spader in Less than Zero.
Vince & Howard.

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