Monday, March 28, 2011


So I just went for a long walk around the terrigal countryside and while on this stroll, Gravity's Rainbow by the Klaxons came on my iphone and i immediately thought of one person:


So i then decided as soon as I get home I will write about the roommate who used to call me Madame Fontelroy while I was outside in our hip as fuck backyard in Redfern sunning myself.

The one who can talk about tits and ass and "burger" without any qualms.

The one who told me I could be the waitress in his gentleman's club.

The one who would always join me for a cigarette out on the balcony in the dan single chair even when he was quitting that week.

The one who has an impressive mane of hair now.

The one who I could always rely on to finish the final few lines of a rap song I was singing in the hallway.

The only one I called while at Ice Cube.

Who no matter how hard he was working at being the best he could be, would always come around and say yo girly how are you?

The one who has about 100 paisley collared shirts that I am secretly jealous of and has now made me strategically plan (ala entrapment) to steal them one by one.

The one who made funny signs for my 21st birthday party and always laughed at me when I kicked on.

The one who always congratulated me on being able to sit in the same room with five boys playing Skate.

Thanks for being such a lord joshie, I miss you.

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