Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am enrolled in a first year subject in my last semester of university, and have to say that while it is annoying with all the group activities and introduction seminars, there is one plus.

I get to watch extremely dramatic and romantic movies splashed with film noir and forbidden love.

I get to pretend that im not deep in the western suburbs and escape with violins and black and white film for an hour or so which leaves me breathless (but that could actually be from the immediate cigarette i have after the screening- who knows)

It got me thinking about romance and how things have changed since these kind of movies came out.

While the majority of comments are sexist and some racist, you could look past these to see the beauty and the ignorance of the time.

and with this ignorance, subtlety and intrigue were born.

Something I believe is lacking in our generation of wanting to know all and discuss all there possibly is.

Tits and ass are a staple of most films nowadays, and im not complaining (it sure exhibits how far we have come?) but we do lack that olden day motif of lust that is implied rather than written with big fat permenant texta on a set of fake DD's stuck on some peroxide piece with not much to say.

Has the sexism of yesteryear that was so obvious been dulled down into what we see in films today?

It could be a legitimate argument.

I dont necessarily see body cons and tits that pretty much need foundation over the nipple as very revolutionary for obliterating the oppression of women.

I dont find the videos of certain 'artists' with women hanging off them that are shown with having about as much worth as a bottle of passion pop.

Maybe the sexist remarks such as "sweetheart" and "shut your mouth darling" that can be found in the films of the 40s, are just now masked in the lurid imagery of the modern day woman in film right now.

As I have said before, rom coms shit me up the wall.

Especially when it is always the career driven woman who finally realises her career dont mean shit unless there is a hunk in her life, (refer to 'IF THIS IS A ROM COM, KILL THE DIRECTOR) can be seen as that form of sexism that is found in the wives of old cinema.

Besides that point, it just made me nostalgic for a moment in time that I wasnt even on this earth for, which made me wonder how I could relate to it so strongly.

And I honestly dont know. Maybe it is because we have all been raised on a breakfast of hope, romance and lust- which in the modern day, our kids could be raised on a 'brunch' of ho's, bitchez and sluzzas.

If they are, I hope they can pop down to BlockBuster (or by then who knows it could be renamed CockBuster as sex does seem to sell- but I have to admit I would shop at CockBuster) and pick up Casablanca or Double Idemnity and realise just how much times have changed.

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