Sunday, November 28, 2010


I know its all about what brings us together as a human race that is whats important.

But I do wonder how groups in society dictate treatment, acceptance and segregation amongst other cliques that roam around in everyday life.

I can not say today that I have never exclaimed some sort of judgemental remark in regards to some sort of social group.

E.g. I was guilty and sometimes still am, of referring to the 'emo' period of my teens.

We arent shocked anymore by much.

Different types of people (whether it be with mindset etc) are accepted as they are (but only if there seems to be enough people supporting the cause...well enough to not overpower anyway).

Its seems as though these 'types' of people are like lions and gazelles in the jungle. A power struggle to survive and celebrate who they are without fear of being metaphorically swallowed up by another 'type' of person.

If im not being clear, Id like to give you an example of what I mean.

There are a group of people who wear the same things, talk the same way, are interested in the same things and usually have an aversion to anything different than what they feel fits their profile. Here are two stand out groups that I have noticed recently who are quite the opposite. Now I know this seems like a generalisation (which it is, so fucking deal with it)

1. JOCKS OR FOOTY PLAYERS & FOOTY CHICKS.: BOY- Usually wearing a tight t shirt, maybe footy shorts, bootcut jeans and leather looking loafers, short back and sides (I know I am generalising, just go with it). They talk in a macho manner. They are interested in footy, girls, drinking, mates, making money and team related sports. They usually have an aversion to hipsters.

GIRL- Body Con dress, curled long blonde or black hair, excessive make up, heels, petite frame. Interested in boys, going out to drink, shopping, dancing, football games. They usually have an aversion to hipsters.

2. HIPSTERS or DIRTY FUCKING HIPSTERS: BOY- Long hair, beard, tight jeans, basic t shirts, ratty clothes meant to look ultra chic, some kind of vintage accessory such as shoes or sunglasses or jewellery, tattoos. They speak in a long drawl usually with the word "man" strung out and used frequently. They are interested in 'Where the wild things are' paraphernalia, photography, fashion, New York City, Alternative indie music, asexuality. They usually have an aversion to footy heads.

GIRL- red lipstick, short hair, long bed hair with regrowth, dark eyebrows, androgynous style, long tops worn with long skirts/ pants, boots, tattoos. Speak in a long drawl. Interested in obscure cocktails, oxford street, looking off into space and ignoring conversations, fashion, New York City, magazines with weird names and weirder fashion shoots inside. They have an aversion to footy heads.

Now that I have shown you an example of what I mean I have actually forgotten what my point was. Oh yes, now I remember, The power struggle. While both the footy heads and the fucking hipsters think they are right in their own worlds, and the latter is not, the struggle to prove that they are on top is one of futility and exasperation, as these two 'types' will rarely see eye to eye.

Im bored of the power struggle. Im bored of being heckled about how I look by people who I do not know and who do not want to understand me or the way I look, but would rather criticise it and revert back to the schoolyard taunts of year three.

I swear to god if one more person on this god forsaken Central Coast calls me a man or a boy or calls me 'sir' or refers to me as a transvestite one more time I am going to fucking find out where you live and go Samuel L Jackson on your sad little chode dick ass.

Id like to say it doesnt bother me, but it has come to a point where Ive had enough of it. And for some reason, its all from the male species. I never realised how much of the male ego needs to be boosted at any time of the night just like a new born baby who needs to be fed every three hours. Your fucking ego's are like retarded tamagotchi's that shit themselves every two minutes forcing me to want to take your batteries out and hide you in the cupboard.

Im bored of the narrow mind I come across daily.

Im bored of hearing "fuck that chick is sooo hot" only to see a cardboard cut out of the latest zoo centrefold in front of me...every....time....

Im bored of hearing the same stories over and over again.,

Im bored of hearing your opinion on shit that doesnt concern you.

Im bored of judgement and disdain.

Im bored of trying to impress.

Im bored of being angry and yearning for a change.

Im bored of expecting too much and being let down.

But most of all, I am bored of being bored. I want anarchy, I want something revolutionary

Because as Ive mentioned on this blog before, I think we are all becoming too numb, jaded and lazy with actually living and not just killing time.

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