Saturday, November 6, 2010


There might be something missing in another persons life to treat others with such hostility.

There is always an underlying factor that the hostilee is not aware of.

Once met with hostility, the hostilee will immediately question what has happened to be treated as such.

Usually, nothing has really been done that is THAT bad to the hostile one to use such icy methods of payback.

Is hostility a childish concept, filled to the brim with passive aggressive nuances that probably effect the hostile one more than it could ever effect the hostilee.

I have come across GREAT hostility lately from people who I once regarded as friends.

I never knew that they had it in them, and I still am in disbelief that they hold such ignorant venom spurting from their self made fangs, hell bent on making me question what the fuck I have done to them to deserve such animosity.

Well I know what I have done...


Not a thing. It is a selfish and self righteous burden that hangs upon their asshole shoulders eating away at the very fabric of who they are as a person.

It is the over 8 years of age version of a tantrum.

No wait scratch that, I probably did something so small and trivial, but in their tiny tiny tiny worlds it is like a ten on the richter scale of irritation or disappointment.

I am tired of questioning what the fuck I did wrong to this narrow tunnel of a human being, and I am tired of being made to feel guilty for an invisible fault.

I am also tired of putting up with their shit, and I find the fact that I am treated with this hostility exhibits the kind of person YOU actually want to be,

a spoilt little brat uncapable of obtaining any of their desires due to a jaded, narcassistic misery lump they refer to as a brain.

Go and be a sad little bitch, I am starting to begin to wonder if I should start to act in such a way that actually warrants this hostility.

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