Sunday, November 7, 2010


Have you ever met someone who you cant stop thinking about?
All the tiny moments that arent occupied by some trivial bullshit that dictates the routine of your day are filled with this person.
And somehow those tiny moments seem just as important or even more so than the bigger thoughts.
Do you ever imagine things with that person?
Things you might do together.
Things you might see.
Or do you ever wonder if at that exact moment, that person is also thinking about you?
Do you see a photograph and get instantly reminded of this person, whether it be some form of pornographic art or maybe a photo of an empty wine cup in a gutter.
Is every nerve ending filled with desire for this person, pulsating at an abnormal rate until you are drunk on the very thought of them?
How do some people ignite such a desire? how do some people penetrate into your skin, and other do not?
What is it about these chosen few that generates such electricity?
I wish I could answer all these questions, but it is another mystery that we as people must come to terms with. And maybe not question, but just go with your desires to find out where they may take you.
On a lighter note.
I have always been fascinated with a term that I have heard come from a few boys lips, that being the....
I have heard (mostly from the boys i used to live on campus with) that some men take mental snapshots or remind themselves to store a certain moment for later, for what is otherwise known as their wank bank.
This image or moment comes in handy when they hop into bed, and its raining and they are all warm and snuggly and they reach down and remember that really hot hoyts employee who ripped the ticket real hard and fast.
Or maybe when they derobe and hop into a nice warm shower and think back to when the waitress with the long legs bent down to pick up a teaspoon she had dropped earlier that day whilst getting a mocha.
I personally do not have a wank bank.
I never see a guy walking along the beach with his dog and think "yes I am going to savour this image so I can go home and touch myself to it."
I of course am not representing every single male I know. I have heard from a few sources about this bank, much like the commonwealth (except with less % interest and no ATM fees), and I have always been interested in it as it reveals yet another side to the male psyche.
You boys are just so interesting to me!
I remember one lazy afternoon hanging around Villas in second year, this talk of the wank bank and the long list of occassions and girls (some of which we knew) were deposited into the bank.
But then again, I also walked into a room once in the middle of the day and four boys were watching porn together.
So maybe the moral of the story here is, Dont move on to university campus if you want to get punani regularly.

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