Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I stole the title from 'Scrubs', because when I watched the episode the other day it was the latest title of JD's blog and I thought it was hilarious. But it does have something to do with the subject matter of today's post.

Sometimes I like being alone.
I dont need to be surrounded by people all the time.
And I dont thrive on it either.
My household is a constant stream of redundant people who serve no purpose but to annoy and irritate.
This is why I will never be a doormat.
Because I know who is important in my life and I dont feel the need to be friendly to everyone I meet.
If I cant be fucked with you, you will know it.
Ill never let people walk all over me and the people I care about, just so they like me.

It is something I just cant grasp, the need for people to like you.
I understand the fundamental basis of it, as in, no one likes to be outwardly hated.
But then again, I dont understand the desire to appeal to the masses, and being genuinely devastated if this aim is not fulfilled.

I see this as a weakness.
A pointless distraction to actually living life the way you should be.
Wouldnt you get sick and tired of being the one on their knees, copping it from every different direction, just so that person will like you?

Ill tell you one thing I have learnt from witnessing this behaviour:

More often than not, the person will never respect you, take advantage of you, but hey...will probably like you.

I tell my mother this phrase all the time and I truly believe it (another scrubs quote, mind you):

"People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling."

Now I know that may make me sound like some cynical bitter lemon fruit drink, but It has protected me from being hurt and vulnerable which some may see as a disappointment, whereas some may see it as an asset.

The one thing I have learnt in my 21 years is to trust no one.

And maybe being an island.
Being alone.

isnt that bad of a thing.

It made me come up with a list yesterday of things I have noticed lately.

1. Ranger Stacey and Kerri Anne Kennerly will NEVER age past the age of 45. Maybe its the botox, or maybe its the company of Emus, either way, they just seem to be frozen in time.

2. The smell of a BBQ will = summer to me. Always.

3. Muffins are like a mixture between a cookie and a cake. So if you are like Jess Moss and cant decide between them, choose a muffin everytime and you will be satisfied.

4. Bondi Vet, Chris Brown, not only has the most unfortunate name besides that actor called John Howard, but also looks like a human version of Buzz Lightyear and I suspect he may actually have super powers.

5. I once got told that when a boy has a crease over his eyeline on his forehead, he is more likely to cheat and lie than one who doesnt. Dont shoot the messenger.

6. The people who write, direct and produce neighbours (whom I can only imagine look like the cast of The Gremlins) actually think that we are stupid enough to believe that Deckland has just morphed into a heaps better looking version of himself. Like he spent a weekend in Sydney just like Ringo did and came back all 'metro' and 'cool'. I think they have given up on life.

7. Cats are not nice.

8. Facebook really does dominate a scary amount of conversation. I was watching this stupid reality TV show about Whistler and the guy actually said to this girl he was on a date with
"Sorry I deleted you for so long."

9. Masterchef is food porn, and I actually think Matt Preston watches it back at home and masturbates with his cravat in hand to it.

10. Misery needs company. Unfortunately, I cant be friends with misery anymore.

so that is why being really lonely is sometimes super awesome.

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