Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ill just let you take all of that in.
There is a definite theme running in the American Apparel offices when it comes to modelling the clothes.
It is in a fashion that is both aesthetically pleasing, and highly suggestive.
I like the theme, and especially the provocative poses that the girls are positioned in, but with the look on their faces as if to say:
"what are you looking at?"
It could be noted as vouyerism and the ultimate tease within an advertising campaign.
So many times I have seen some shocking photograph of one of these models with her legs above her head in a leotard and thought:
"Jesus fucking thats an impressive position......i like that leotard.....god i wish i looked like her."
My friends and I were discussing who we would like to look like if we didnt look like ourselves. (CONFUSED?)
I couldnt think of anyone that I know personally, or a celebrity because thats just stupid.
But as I was just going for a general browse of the online store, I noticed all these "real" people who are modelling the clothes. Like, not conventional Miranda Kerr types is what I mean by "real".
And not that I would like to look like a particular AA model, but I like their vibe.
That blatant sexuality mixed with an innocence that is hard to put your finger on....
(pun intended).
I think this may be a post that the boys will like.
SPECIAL MENTION: JESSICA MOSS. She started the American Apparel poses within our friends by wearing a see-through negligee at Splendour in the Grass 2009 for 80% of the time in Byron Bay, even thought I blatantly told her I was sick of seeing her tits.

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