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The beginning of the track will strike a chord for the moody buggers out there who enjoy a succinct and hypnotic clashing of instruments to produce its own instrument in itself. The high pitched warbling mixed with spooky synth and vocals send tingles down your musical spine and cause you to rock back and forth to the crazed nature of this tune. The remix by honourary award (from me to them) LANEWAY LEGENDS OF 2013, Yeasayer definitely captures the trippy and carefree vibe that Jinja Safari portrays so well. Ominous tones to over-the-moon happy vibes are wedged in this meshing of sounds. The climactic orgasm of the song leaves you stranded with limited water and food supply in a tribal amazon of instruments and haunting vocals. Lets just say you will need more than a 1997 Board Game and a bearded Robin Williams to get you out of there!

Take a listen on Soundcloud: HERE

Now I am obviously from The Central Coast of NSW. Jinja Safari are literally the jewel in the Coast's musical crown (besides beloved Kasey Chambers and Lizotte's Restaurant) and they have continued to flourish after leaving our cruiser littered shores not long ago to pursue actual dreams and not just content on working at HMV for the remainder of their lives. DISCLAIMER: This is what I assume, I have no evidence nor know Jinja Safari.

The point being, I had a little listen of their self titled album that was released on May 17 and it's like I have fallen in love. I am finding roof tops to shout from, I am shaving my legs more often, I wear red lipstick all the time and I completely and utterly revel in the tribal goodness that is Jinja Safari.

'Apple' is just so endearing and innocently beautiful. Try to listen to this song with a frown. I dare you, go on- sit there and think about how shit your life is and then watch it all be turned around with just one little ditty like this.

Complex drumming and percussion work is a common thread throughout this album, 'Relax' has hints of 1960s surfer rock infused in this upbeat lullaby. I am actually shimmying like Delta 'For Gods Sake stop yourself' Goodrem as I listen to this and for once I am alright with it.

'Oh Benzo' takes such a synth turn that you know in your heart of hearts that if The OC were still around, this track would MOST DEFINITELY be on one of their soundtrack albums. Its like Daft Punk and Lady Smith Black Mombazo had a baby at Gosford Hospital and then they started an incredible band that played to thousands at Splendour in the Grass and perpetuated the beautifully reckless way of living that occurs on that splendid weekend.

The Sitar makes a pleasant appearance in 'Harrison' mixed with hypnotic vocals that tear through your soul much like the wailing guitar riffs. This is a stand out track for me, perhaps it speaks to myself in a past life or perhaps I love the Sitar so much that I would change my name to Yusef Islam.

The final track on the album, 'Bay of Fires' fuses into a symphony of choral glory. The vocals are a definite stand out on this track with complex guitar work being a close second. The relaxed anthem is a perfect climax to a delightful and delicious nexus of music.

The true meaning of diversity is reached with Jinja Safari's album, with a colourful array of instruments making this album a must-listen for anyone who ever respects, listens to and/or appreciates the true meaning of what it is to make music. If you are listening to Rita Ora while reading this, then this album is not for you.

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