Monday, July 16, 2012


So I think everyone is privy to the phenomenon that is 'BOX GAP'.

For anyone who doesn't know what the fuck I am talking about and can only think of some empty cardboard cubes placed together in a spaced out fashion- I am talking about that gap between a girl's inner thigh just below their delicates.

It is something that is now known the world over as being coveted by males and females. Whether or not you have one ladies, it is something that every girl now wants more than the latest Furby or a slice of cheesecake.

I know me and a few of the females I know bring this piece of air through the legs up more than we should lately. It is something that every girls notices on other girls while they are out, at the beach or just perusing some social networking photographs.

Here are some reasons why I think the Box Gap has become a huge deal:

1. Boys can see it as easier access for their massive cocks.

2. It signifies that said girl with BG has legs like a model and an ass like a model, and if you put a cut out of Miranda Kerr's face on the girl then you pretty much are fucking a model. Which makes you a lord.

3. Every girl wants to be thinner than the last.

4. Inner thigh is now the underground version of sweet tits or a nice ass. It is something that isnt so mainstream anymore. Dom and Adrian would be so proud.

5. It comes down to genetics, so if a girl just has no fucking shot of ever having a BG, it makes dudes feel a bit more equal as the gym can not help you if you genetically are destined to have a tiny tiny weiner.

6. Facebook and fapping.

Now dont get me wrong, I am not having a go at the Box Gap or any male/female who admires said gap. I just prefer a different kind of gap, the one that features in ya mouth.

I also want to know the opinion of some male people out there. Does a box gap still count if you can achieve it by standing a certain way? & I dont mean with your legs spread like Clint Eastwood. Please enlighten me.

Someone once said nothing will ever taste as good as box gap feels, you know.

I think I kind of get it, but at the same time I dont. Is it because a sweet BG usually leads to an epic tush? Because then technically it wouldn't be about the gap at all.

You can see I am confused.

All I want to say girls, is that if you do have a killer rack or a sweet ass or even a pretty vagina- don't feel less of a woman that you can't achieve BG. & PLEASE don't start standing like Clint Eastwood.

Until then, rejoice amongst the box gap and take note of how many runners on Ocean View Drive are doing squats. The Box Gap is the new black, and my tits are pretty pissed off.


  1. The box gap is like a window to sexual enlightment.

    Peer through and be aroused at the possibilities.

    This small, aesthetic, pretty opening, engages the male mind in such a way that other body parts cannot.

    What doth ye contain above and beyond, oh Box Gap?

    In essence, we are getting excited about 'nothing' - which is another issue in itself.

    We all want what we can't have, so then is this why we worship the lack of 'something' where nothing exists.

    Ah Box Gap, questions upon questions, beauty in nothingness.

    The Box Gap - Pandoras Box made flesh, or lack of flesh, if you will.

    That, or it just looks fuckin' hot, you know what I mean?

  2. i hate BG because i'll never be able to achieve it

  3. love the replies anonymouseseses. and yeah it does look fucking hot.

  4. Box gap is like an urban legend or a hidden party trick. Some bitches have it and don't use it to its full advantage. We as others dream of this. I used to pull the skin from the back of my legs to create the illusion. Still working on a less suttle way of achieving this look.

  5. i just heard of it.
    thanks for enlightening me to the fact that i have box gap... i think.

  6. Go and view the whole gallery of boxgaps or twitter @BoxGaps

  7. the best boxgaps I have found are at this site

  8. i get a total box gap... if I squat.

  9. I guess it symbolizes a lady that has some sort of control around the buffet counter. He legs are toned and in shape.
    But rest asure if your legs are in great shape and you have no box gap all is not lost. Men just love a lady that looks after herself

  10. I have one. And I hate that it's now a 'thing'. Yet another way for men to fetishize the physicality of women and a way for women to pressure themselves into feeling physically inadequate.

    Are we that self-obsessed and vain a species to be completely enamoured with the small-ish gap in between a woman's legs?