Wednesday, February 29, 2012



we are all such whores and bitches, arent we?
All we do is fuck around and get our tits out and suck huge dicks all fucking god damn fucking day.
We literally do not have anything better to do besides suck massive cocks and then talk about it with our other slut friends.

I know i take any opportunity to get my huge knockers out of my bra and entice strange men at any opportunity I get!

I skulk the bar at Hugos Lounge looking for eldery businessmen to buy me drinks then act like Im going to sleep with him, only to leave him in the cab line! OMG SO FUNNY!

All us girls seem to do is sit around all fucking day and dream about how we can impress boyz. Love me boyz.

We secretly plan to ruin any girls life that is minutely prettier/more popular than us because thats all we care about.
We just care about boys liking us, thats why we dress in huge high heels and short dresses. Because we want to get screamed at for being a slut.

We totes do it coz of that. yew.

We are just so disposable and make up shit in our heads because we are fucking crazy. Hasnt anyone told you?
We are batshit crazy the lot of us, even Miranda Kerr or Mila Kunis will key your car or cut the tip of your penis off- because we are all lunatics looking for you to love us unconditionally.

We are only at university so we can see if there are any HAWT dudes there! Totes not there to learn stuff, WHAT? haha! Im just studying until someone finally proposes to me and then I can have twins named Paris and Nicky that will be a complete outrageous slut just like me!

We will fight over you, but you knew that right? We will rip our extensions out and break our nails if you are seeing both of us at the same time, because we are just so determined to jump on that dick.

Call me anything you want baby, slap me and pull my hair because I am just a worthless whore cunt who belongs in the kitchen listening to you and your mates make even more ill informed, chauvinistic slurs about how God is a man and that you fucking rule at fucking everything.

& now a word from a heaps big whore bitch, Rachel Perry when asked why should dudes love chicks?:

"What a sad time when a young woman such as myself can't think of a legitimate reason why. But in saying that, I think that boils down to a consequent reason... Dudes should love chicks because that's what all human beings deserve, regardless of the sex. But, here's a reason... dudes should love chicks, because we are the ultimate boost to their ego (not as a commodity). Without the interest of women, life would be boring for dudes. Beer pong and video games might keep you entertained for a few hours. But at the end of the day, if you're only interested in shit like that, the only balls that will be going anywhere near anything wet 
remain to be the ping pong balls"

But now I am going to shut up, unbunch my panties and get back to making you that

 sandwich, darling.... do you want dijon with that shit or not?

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