Friday, November 22, 2013

E L L E N .

Now I haven't done an appreciation post in over 2 years.
Maybe I was just saving it until now.
Maybe it took this long to find the words to put together in homage to one of my absolute closest mates that I will ever come across in my life.
How do I even know that you may ask?
You might meet someone even better than Ellen...


There are some people who sweep into your life like a gust of wind that lights up a sky before a storm.
This wasn't one of those moments.

It wasn't like a soft breeze, a timid change in the weather.
Ellen hit me like a lightning bolt and ever since being electrocuted with her subtle blonde locks, I have never been the same!

Sometimes you meet people at the most unexpected of times. This was one of those times, her and Carly thudded into my life like a giant suitcase filled with an extraordinary amount of clothes that we didn't need.

Ever since that chance meeting, that just so happened that they clicked on the Topdeck confirmation button at the same time as me, my life has changed forever!

I will always hold the Queensland moments close to my heart.
If there ever was or ever will be a time where I felt more free in my life I will never know.
We smoked cigarettes off balconies, sighed in unison and cried at the thought of a departing flight on a Tiger Airways death plane.

We ran faster than a rabid shopping trolley on a path of destruction and stayed up way past our bedtimes, watching the scorching QLD sun reach its peak.

The noisy sleeping bag, the rock hard tits of Sammy Jo.

My big back, the corona bucket at Beenleigh Superdrome.

Watching Flight of Concords while your mum ironed.

NYE 2010- in the back alley as midnight struck.

Drinking litres of lambrusco over terry steak.


Phone calls from the other side of the world.

Singing 'Bad Girl' by Usher through the streets of Surry Hills after a massive pasta dinner

"Who's Hayley?"

"Who the fuck is Travis?"

hip-hop, wine and Mitt

Muriel's Wedding tour.

That massive sausage at that cafe at The Rocks

I could go on and on. See you today darlin, HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY.

Now this may not be a poem that I am going to read out later tonight, but I am completely genuine in saying that if it weren't for you my life would be a trillion times more fucked.


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