Thursday, November 15, 2012


It was one of the steamiest nights that Oxford Art Factory had seen in recent months and as anticipation set in, Flume took the stage to open for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.
The fresh-faced producer opened with fluttering synth and floating vocals coupled with deep house elements that have been unrivalled in days of late. Wood whistle breathed out and added an original flair to the set.

There seemed to be an obvious hip-hop influence in Flume’s set with constant and heavy beats being a stand out point.
The bass warbled throughout Oxford Art Factory and created a sea of bobbing heads as he splayed his fingertips across the decks to indulge in even more deep and elusive beats.

Flume’s track, ‘On Top’ featured hip-hop thumps and cohesive rapping measured equally with squealing synth. He leisurely took sips from a beer as he brought Notorious B.I.G back from the dead mixing ‘Juicy’ which splashed out into the excited crowd.

‘The Anthem’ a remix of the Onra tune lived up to its reputation live and pierced ears with viscous strings and curly bass.
Flume’s hit, ‘Sleepless’ began in a sweet symphony of shrieks from the sweaty crowd on this hot October night mixed with the tell tale cascading synth that makes this tune such a hit.

After a short set from the Future Classic DJs, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs took the stage adorned in a turquoise Stegosaurus suit. Smoke billowed from the stage, engulfing every sense as he twirled the knobs to make synth echo forth.
He clutched the microphone as wood clock peppered the set coupled with tropical themed bass.

‘Trouble’ zapped and weaved like lightning that was built from the most perfect storm. Twisting beats came down with shattering bass that created a welcomed deep house element. Drinks were held high in the establishment as a tipsy salute to the high-pitched beats and the myriad of genres that TEED seemed to cover from techno to electro right through to atmospheric house.

Confetti spurted from the stage as the tunes took climax and the crowd reveled in the scratching of the decks and the wash of rainbow rain.
The set was schizophrenic and wild as the pulses flickered and piano pounded into ‘Your Love’, which had synth that squelched like warm mud. Splices of galactic electro made this tune memorable.

‘Stronger’ was melodic and had bold vocals from TEED mixed with deep house but ‘Garden’ was the track that made this set so diverse. Frothy synth became one with the tip toe of the beats and demonstrated the succinct sound that makes TEED such a multi-faceted act. What he had in gritty techno and dub step, he could also off set with a delicate melody such as this.

East London drum and bass made a welcome appearance and created much turbulence within the venue for ‘Solo’. It was dark, dirty and appealed to the baser instincts causing many in the pack to have to repent their sins the following morning.

The sapphire strobe and confetti set the atmosphere for the chaos and debauchery taking place amongst loaded beer jugs. “Tapes and Money’ was the highlight and was met with blinding golden lights and devout singing from the pack. Deep bass and skittish beats set the scene as the punters begged that their feet don’t fail them now.

‘Household Goods’ completed the uninhibited set with TEED’s vocals being a stand out as they flawlessly echoed forth. The beats were loud and pounding as they barged in without warning. Confetti burst into the venue for the third time tonight marking one of the most flamboyant and gritty nights that many had seen before. TEED had proved that although dinosaurs may be extinct, raw and inviting house music certainly is not.

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  1. Wow. that sounds amazing! do you have a job as a music journalist or something because it was written very well.