Tuesday, April 19, 2011



So I went and watched Scream 4 last night and i actually felt like one of those people who dress up for Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or whatever. I was so giddy over the display of gore and horror that was ahead of me.

I order my icee, while feeling lightheaded I walked into Cinema 1 and took my seat right up the back. (So there would be no chance of anything coming at me from behind)

The movie I have to say was very well designed and acknowledged the previous 3 Screams in a satirical yet significant manner.

I sat there with a cocky mentality that I knew all the possible twists and turns (due to being a weird fan of horror), and yet my jaw hit the floor when the killer was finally revealed.

However, the moral of the story made my eyes sparkle with vicious satisfaction. (A moral to a horror? yes.)

Now here we go with a semi-spoiler:

The moral of the story was basically that people get famous for fucked up shit happening to them. They are famous for nothing. The line between infamy and fame has become so blurred due to technology and social media.

The numerous smart ass references to Facebook and Twitter were rife throughout the movie, including blogs.
(The blogger gets killed, which made me feel a little insecure as I walked back to the carpark after the film.)

It is so true.
A great majority of the "famous elite" are famous for absolutely nothing.
And even famous for doing fucked up things or having fucked up things done to them.

Example: Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Danielle Staub, Paris Hilton- All "SEX TAPE VICTIMS" (PFFTTTT!!!!)

Poor darlings, poor naive darlings getting their square tits and bleached asses out for their "boyfriend/cameraman" or sucking on some dick in night vision, only to have THE TAPE RELEASED?!?!?!

Who ever knew that would ever happen to them?
On the cusp of being a household name, and then oh no! A sex tape is released and you become a reality TV star and an icon for young girls everywhere.

Fuck you.

I dont even know what is art anymore.

Is art when you can see someone's clit ring as they grind up on some headless guy with Shaggy playing in the background?

Is it creative when you churn spin off after spin off of mind numbing reality television, where if you were actually to be woken up out of your corporate coma you would realise they arent actually speaking about anything, or doing anything.

Is it inspiring when someone looks sooooo HOT all the time, even in their mug shot?

It took Scream 4 to hopefully reach out to the "artistic", "creative" and "inspired" to quit putting more holes in the ozone layers of our brains and find another way to make ridiculous amounts of money and yet go to sleep every night in their 800 count egyptian (yeah where the insane riots are) cotton sheets and sleep well knowing that THEY ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Fuck you, fuck this oppression that is so well disguised, it might as well be Ghostface himself.

You are murdering the ideals of our youth and the future of our world with your superficial fame and your prada bags.

Stabbing and gutting all the work of generations before that opened the mind and the heart.

You make me want to SCREAM.

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  1. I wish you could've been my english teacher. GREAT movie though.