Sunday, February 13, 2011


So Kings of Leon have rescheduled their latest tour due to an injury their guitarist gained. and therefore the fans have lost out til early November.

I dont know if this is a rising trend amongst far away places like that land called Australia. Magical in all of its natural disasters and drunken holidays, yet lacking in the reliability of performances.

For instance, I remember finding out the day before (in Byron Bay Woolworths) that Jane's Addiction were no longer to be playing at Splendour in the Grass 2009 due to a leg injury.

Now whatever, you hurt your leg or your knee or maybe you just feel a little bit tired what with all the performances in trendy Tokyo. But if you can not be fucked to come out here on your first class 14 hour flight from LA then just say so.

It is the excuse heard around the world.
The sore body.
The overworked brain.
The sprained wrist from all the axe work.

I dont care.

Think back to your rocker fore fathers who would have broken their own arm trying to participate in a roadie vs rocker brawl in the name of boredom, but wrapped it with some chicks undies that were left on the tour bus from the night before, snorted a line of cocaine and carried on with what their job consists of.

Fucking shit up!

It seems that the bad ass exterior of the rock god has dwindled in the recent years, causing somewhat of a rift between the fans and the band.

I dont want to equate the reliability of these bands with the reliability of there not being some form of screaming schizo on the Central to Gosford countryrail train at every single departure.

What happened to the days of "the music" and not "the money". The rapid and frequent cancelling or rescheduling of concerts that people have waited months to see just paints a picture to me of a fraudulent nature.

It spells out the importance of an already overpaid profession's craving for cold hard cash.

Because surely if they cared about the fans, then a broken nail wouldnt put them off coming out to the people who keep a roof above their head and a philly cheese steak in their bellies.

It is the money, which I think we all know that spurs on art nowadays which I believe has caused it to become corrupted and blurred into a contemporary piece of shit.

Grow some balls like the Keiths and Micks of the past, snort your dad's ashes and chuck on the tightest pair of fuschia pants you have and play some decent music.

If not for your fans, then for fucks sake...your reputation!

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