Sunday, February 13, 2011


25 things I know about Jack Lewis.

1. Jack Lewis is currently in Tokyo, Japan and has embarked on an overseas trip no doubt filled with decadence, debauchery and doin shit.

2. Jack Lewis coined the name "hog"

3. Jack Lewis has indulged in many musical events with me, but by far the best was Splendour in the Grass 2010.

4. He can grow an inordinate amount of facial hair.

5. He has a knack for Australian slang, but mostly with rhyming actions with people's names. E.G: Brad Pitt- Shit. Pat Malone- Alone. Craig Gower- shower.

6. He is extremely generous, especially when it comes to Wet Pussy.

7. He could be called the glue that holds quite a few people together.

8. He has known me for three years and counting.

9. His top teeth are an elusive and rare sight, much like the lochness monster. However, if you believe in them you will see them.

10. He introduced me to beer and a week before he left got me so fucked up drunk in the middle of the day I actually spewed at his mum's house.

11. He has impeccable style.

12. Always up for a dance. (or a click)

13. Jack Lewis has always been in the audience when I have belted out a tune at Karaoke. I dedicated '100% pure love' by Crystal Waters to him once.

14. When he was still on the coast, you could often see him standing shirtless, beer in hand on the hill at his old joint in Campbell Cres with his arms outstretched.

15. Ive seen him dressed up as a vampire before. And as Batman.

16. I have had countless beers, ciggies and cheers'es with him.

17. He thinks I am a dickhead most of the time, but tells me Im good at it.

18. If he ever refers to you as FML- consider yourself very lucky.

19. No matter how far apart for how long, it is like I have never left when talking to Jack Lewis.

20. one (or two) word(s): TYRESE. or JAMAL.

21. Has a keen eye behind a lens.

22. Has an even keener ear for classic tunes you forgot about, but now hold new meaning and are fresher than the day they came out back in 1980.

23. Always carrying a tote bag.

24. Will be missed by many until he returns 2 years older and probably with a swedish child under his arm.

25. Will be one of my best friends always.


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