Thursday, December 9, 2010

SO & SO'S.

WHY OH WHY must Australian society celebrate ocker fucking disgusting sportsmen with a quarter of a brain and an even smaller moral compass.

These bastards are actually getting their own TV chat shows where they can "uhhh and ummm" and make fun of "poofters" and "sissies" every Thursday night at 7:30!

It is no secret that I actually despise NRL. I openly talk about it, I have met and forgotten numerous amounts of FOOTY players with hands that are bigger than their own vocabulary.

It just makes me sick that dickheads like the ones above (names will remain out of it) can just cheat on their wives and engage in a full on testosterone fuelled gang bang with some slurry. And im sure you could imagine them passing a ball around and "chuckin dummies"as one of the guys pumped her.

And as for the one who has the wrist who can flick not only a red ball, but im sure his own tackle whilst SMSing that crazy bitch who got 55 stars tattooed on her face and tried to sue the tattooist. (hypothetically- but im sure the ladies he was sending dirty texts to werent that far off the aforementioned sheila).

It makes me physically sick and outrageously incensed when I see stupid fucking advertisements for their brain numbing shows all complete with some dumb ass competition with some toothless bogan hand picked from the audience who might win a bloody BBQ and how they themselves probably got fucked up the ass backstage and repayed to keep their whistly mouths shut over the incident.

SOME sportsmen, i believe, feel invincible to the wrath of the Australian public. And for good reason. We just seem to forgive and forget so easily, especially where footy and cricket players come into play.

A scandal is only a scandal for 24 hours if you know how to kick a field goal or hit a ball with a plank of wood.

Go on, rape chicks, steal their confidence, spit at them, bottle them, hit them, cheat on them, slander their names, gang bang em, have underage sex with them, corner them in a spa at a hotel, throw beers on them.....and Im just describing a "mad monday".

I have not felt this much rage at the BLOKES who populate and turn what was once regarded as purely team sports based with a friendly and bonding attitude into some dirty orgy where you can win a match then have your free VBs and women who will open their legs and will shut their mouths. (Until Woman's Day gives them a call)

I dont know why we forgive these fuckwits and give them even more than they will ever deserve. It slanders the name of football and sends out such a distorted message to the youngings who are playing for their locals with the hopes of one day being the one in the middle of that stadium.

I bet even that red haired fuck who took a photo of a DOG giving him a HEAD JOB will one day host a radio show on 2Day FM, just like that fat fuck Sandilands.

Why not hey? Im sure he musnt be able to buy any more ice or any more beer with NOBLY standing down from the raiders.

But I suppose I should thank these sick fucks and the morally bankrupt horses they rode in on. Because now I know I have a point when I am sitting around the football obsessed table at Christmas this year.

I just think that our society's view of things is FUCKED at the moment. I bet Monica Lewinsky is kicking herself for not learning the rules of NRL before she smoked that very famous cigar, because she would be way more famous by now and not working on a farm somewhere.



way to make my blood boil. So you are a junkie motherfucker who I probably see at festivals with your shirt off frothing at the mouth. fuck you.

Dont shove your greedy selfish fucked up life in our faces as we are eating our chicken tonights. I dont give a fuck if you played AFL. I dont give a fuck if you took heaps of drugs. I dont give a fuck if you got caught. Which is the only reason why that doco came out.

All of you animals are making a bad name for what our society accepts, how sports are regarded and how the future will define what is morally acceptable.

And I bet fucking a 16 year old as a 24 year old man doesnt count.


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