Sunday, December 12, 2010


The following is a subjective take on what I define as the quintessential gentleman, of our age anyway.

A gentleman can be defined by the following points:

* A man who is not shy about wearing a suit, for any occassion, at any time of the day.

* A man who has that far away look in his eyes.

* A man who takes a woman by the waist.

* A man who has no qualms about indulging in a dance with a woman.

* A man who will wear a biege blazer.

* A man who will offer his right arm to a woman, with which she will slip her left arm through to walk along some form of promenade.

* A man who has his own opinions yet does not ram those opinions down one's throat.

* A man who will not accept the closest or easiest option, but instead relishes a challenge.

* A man who will not speak ill of his acquaintances.

* A man who will not allow his moods or surroundings to change his personality while surrounded by others.

* A man who will wear sunglasses when it is glary outside. only outside.

* A man who will stand up for his woman and what he knows is right, disregarding consequences.

* A man who will wear a bow tie, and when taunted by men who do not fit into this category, will accept the taunts with a sense of humour and the confidence to know who he is.

* A man who will order you a drink before you have asked.

* A man who will take pride in his appearance, whether that be a taupe summer slack or a crisp collared shirt.

* A man who does his best not to appear non chalant or cause disappointment.

* A man who feels no need to brag about his conquests.

* A man who expresses the beauty of the opposite sex frequently yet with subtlety.

* A man who does not see class, race or privelidge.

* A man who when he walks has a swagger that is all his own.

* A man who is considerate, humble and kind.

* A man who has an urge to travel and interest in other cultures.

* A man who secretes testosterone, but not in the way that you might assume (or in the way that we have come to accept). A gentleman's testosterone must be felt by the other person in his presence very discreetly and without obvious action.

* A man who does not accept defeat or allow weakness to be confused with vulnerability.

The gentleman is an elusive yet extremely valuable type of character that is rare and fleeting, and I thought I might show my appreciation for the few men in my life that I do know possess most (if not all) of these qualities.

I lift my brandy glass and tip my hat to you.

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