Thursday, July 7, 2016


If you're looking for a sweet pocket of sunshine to brighten up this otherwise dreary Winter month, then look no further than the new wave of country music coming out of Sydney.

Nikita Karmen has taken Nashville by the neck and just seems to be rising higher and higher in the girl-next-door who will break your heart and write about it stakes. She has recently released her first single 'Out Of The Park' on iTunes, Spotify and the like and it really speaks to those who ready to give up after one too many horrible dates.

Dedicated to her twin sister, the tune is soulful yet sweet. Laden with punchy pop riffs, a warm twang rings out underneath the top notch production and her fun lyrics shine as the star.

She isn't just one to watch, you won't have a choice very soon, when her music takes over the airwaves, but most of all, thaws even the most frosty of hearts.


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