Friday, November 6, 2015


You would not believe the amount of penises I had to sift through on Tumblr to get the photograph above. SO MANY. Impressive looking ones, but still- christ Tumblr. You can literally look up the word "flowers" on it and still be turkey slapped with a huge dong on a Saturday morning. Get your shit together.

So its been about a year and a half that Ive been single in the picturesque city of Sydney and I have come to know very well or very little the calibre of dude that lurks around these parts with their buns in the sky and their heads facing down into their Tinder accounts. I thought I would make some brash assumptions and generalisations about the men that frequent the suburbs of Sydney and place them all here so you my delicate women can be aware of the range of bloke they are dealing with.


He listens to Hip Hop but not in a way that means he will be stalking Drapht and Downside's Instagram account. He only listens to it when he is at Freda's on a Saturday evening sipping a Mojito at the back of the bar and refusing to dance. He is scattered into literally every single area of Sydney- you are never safe from an aggressive amount of facial hair. He mainly reserves his time in the inner west, Redfern and Surry Hills though. Sometimes he wears a tiny beard and an ironic necklace around his neck (an iron or a pineapple or some shit). He almost always is nursing a weak jawline or weak personality. He will talk to you about his beard until you feel like some kind of fucked up Cinderella from chugging so many wines to get through the evening that you run off and leave your Wittner heel somewhere on platform 3 at Redfern Station. He probably plays an instrument...badly. He thinks he can do better than you anyway so you shouldn't put too much stock into this one as he will always have one eyeball on your tits and the other on the chick who looks like she may have a septum piercing whos standing at the bar behind you but he can't tell because the bar is too dark and his whiskey is too strong and it hurts his tummy.


He is misunderstood. He is neurotic in a charming yet irritating way. He is manipulative because he tries to be but its so obvious that its hard to be manipulated by him. He is intelligent. He will almost always send you a dick pic not for sexual reasons but in the genuine interest to see if you think he has a pretty dick. He doesn't. Referencing himself to a character on Curb Your Enthusiasm shows that he watches too much television after softly masturbating himself to sleep after perusing through some interesting Reddit AMA's. He refuses to do things by the book as he feels this makes him more interesting but it doesn't, it makes him difficult and a cushioned anarchist. He likes it when you tell him this as it allows for the inevitable transition of him travelling to Thailand when he is 45 and paying someone to step on his balls for him.


You know the type. He is probably still arguing with the bouncer at The Sheaf right now about how he has only had 3 glasses of Veuve champagne down at Rose Bay wharf with some work colleagues before heading into Double Bay. He has three large concerns that take up his entire brain:
1. What the fuck is going on with Australia's dollar right now?
2. Fuck I hope Turnbull isn't going to ruin the incredible work Abbott just put in.
3. Who's getting bags tonight?
If you are after an ill fitting pastel shirt, this is your guy and if you are after someone calling you a peasant slut once you reject them, then you have found your soulmate. They listen to Triple J to keep up with the kids but would actually have an aneurysm if faced with Splendour In The Grass. Who the fuck is going to clean that fucking mud off their Hunter gumboots in time for winter wonderland at Mrs.Sippy? 


There are so many of these out and about these days. Usually aged from 18-23, they are long haired Bart Simpson looking characters who will almost always skid just a little too close to you on their skatey as they fang up King Street. They love pingers. They listen to punchy garage rock and feel like they are the new wave Nirvana. You know, taking grunge into 2015 and just fucking chilling with it ay. Those chicks with chokers on have to have someone to fuck yeah? Its like a crazy hybrid of relationship where the guy resembles Eddie Vedder on opium and the chick is a goth Cher from Clueless. Theres no judgement here, I love to see this shit and just feel the "kewl" emanate off them. Sometimes I just bask in it myself and feel infinitely cooler and for that I thank them, because without them Id be some dork running around the streets with a pony tail and glasses and carrying text books even though I don't attend any type of school and clearly don't have the money to buy text books- but almost certainly karate kicked someone waiting at the bus stop outside Sydney University. Those people are always running for buses- fuck university doesn't need to be so dramatic...relax.


My personal favourites. I identify with them the most as I would consider myself a 2 thousand and sick girl (this type of post about girls will be coming eventually). They are the ones who are most pissed about the lockouts as they tasted the fruit that was Sydney and now that fruit is gone and why. Fucking why. They went to BDO when JUSTICE played running into the Boiler Room screaming "WE ! ARE ! YOUR ! FRIENDS! YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE AGAIN NOW COME ON!" and they know how to mix a house party. Honestly, if there is anyone you would want at your house party, invite the 2 thousand and sick dude. He almost always has a set of decks that he tends to like the rose bud of a woman. They can identify the opening 3 seconds of any Cut Copy track even if it has just been mixed with Tina Arena. They have seen every Presets tour date that occured from 2007-2010 and probably have some sort of Bag Raiders shirt. You will have 2 outcomes of the 2 thousand and sick- they are either drug fucked or heaps successful. Either way, they rule.

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