Saturday, April 14, 2012


I wanted to write this post for all the girls out there at the moment, all the single girls (there aren't many at the moment- but still) who are feeling a little lost, disillusioned and/or bitter about the whole dating world (AKA men.)

The following is taken from real life experiences from women I know:

I know that he masturbated next to you and came on your back after you politely asked him to leave.

I know that he awkwardly rubs up against you when he is drunk (& only when he is drunk)

I know he said he would call and seemed heaps sincere, but didn't.

I know he got angry at you for not coming over to suck his dick.

I know that once he hit it, he quit it faster than when he hit it.

I know that he pushed your head down when he wanted a gobbie and you felt like you had to.

I know that he talked about how much he liked you then never spoke to you again or looked you in the eye.

I know he treated you with disdain and hatred when you didn't want to put out.

I know he was messaging you when he was in bed with another girl.

I know he calls you crazy.

I know he has lied to you about what he really thinks of you.

I know he has told you to shut up because he doesn't like what you are saying.

I know he has made yet another inane "kitchen" or "sandwich" joke.

I know he has some sort of women issues that he takes out on you, because you were born a woman.

I know he called you a slut or a bitch.

I know he choked you.

I know he had every intention of letting you know that you aren't that special.

I know that he threw a tantrum when things weren't going his way.

I know he hurt you.

I just want the girls out there who are feeling a little let down or disappointed to know that it doesn't begin and end with a man.
In some cases, it only ends.

The one crystal clear realisation I have had in the past few weeks is that it is better to be alone than with someone you can't stand. It is better to come to terms with yourself and fill that emptiness with you rather than with yet another disappointing cock.

I dont know whether tis' the season, but I have heard nothing but horror stories when it comes to men lately, and a few friends and I were musing about why this is so.

Here were some of the hypothetical causes:

- girls put out too easily.

- they have had their heart stomped on by one too many chicks and now feel the need to take it out on all chicks as this is the most mature way of moving on with your fucking life.

- They need to get laid.

-They have been laid too much lately and need to get ahold of themselves before their head disappears right up their own ass. Then they wont be able to spout bullshit (well not literally).

-They watch too much porn.

- SOME men are stuck in a prolonged childhood much like a prolonged acid trip except its just not as cute.

Id also like to take this moment and proclaim that I am not referring to ALL men in this case. Some men are killing it. They have their shit together, dont continually talk about themselves and actually gain personal pleasure from treating a girl nicely.

While others insist on treating you like a whore and making you cry, just because they can.

I want to give kudos to the first category of men, you aren't pussies and you aren't whipped.
You are being men, taking a stand for what you think is right and looking forward, rather than back.

The other category is on a steady slope to pedophilia town as the older they get, the less likely WOMEN will put up with their psychosomatic post-modern bullshit and they will have to rely on their car and 10% off Boost vouchers to pull a chick.

Maybe we as humans need to reconnect to our humanity instead of speaking to each others faces in text language like LOL and shit, I think our internet connection is the only thing binding us together these days and its making us jaded to the prospect of real feelings like lust, love, passion and desire.

I would not want to live in a world where these fundamental human feelings die out due to everyone being a bit too cool to state how they really feel. So, in the spirit of declarations, I will start:


There we go. Now, you start.

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